Friday, November 13, 2009

Drop Dead Gorgeous Part I

As always - The Cast of Characters

Me (The Daddy)
The Bean: Age 7
The Butterfly: Age 6
The Darling Wife
The Buffett Puppy

Before I get started on this blog, I would like to thank all those who have become my readership.  Daddy I Want... just exceeded 500 Facebook Fans.  I am speechless.

Enough of that.

I am really good at picking out clothes.  When I shop with the DW, it is me who scours the racks, pulling multiple colors and sizes, then finding matching accessories.  I pick out nearly all her clothes.

The good ones, anyway.


So on Wednesday, I was presented with a new challenge - picking out clothes for The Bean and The Butterfly.  They are supposed to be in a fashion show at Nordstrom, so they must look their best.

Am I becoming one of those Stage Moms, er, Dads?

I pick a navy blue dress a subdued leopard print for The Butterfly.  She looks amazing in it.  She says she looks like a Blue Cougar.  I convince her that a Blue Cheetah might be more age appropriate.

For The Bean, I spy a brown strapless with a lilac polka dot pattern.  Unfortunately, her heart is set on a pink dress.  It's the kind of dress that a bridesmaid might wear.  If 2nd graders could get married, she'd be ready to raise a Champagne flute of Sprite.

She likes Sprite.  It fizzes.

She does not, it seems, like polka dots.  When pressed for a reason, she counters with "They're not pink!".

The DW steps in.  She talks to the lady at Nordstrom about maybe The Bean could wear the bridesmaid dress instead.  

The Nordstrom lady says - - - - - "No."

The Bean hits the Catwalk tomorrow morning.  As of right now, she doesn't know she'll be modeling a dress she hates.

Stay tuned for Part II.

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  1. I LOVE the brown and pink dress that you have a picture of. But it doesn't sound like any of the 3 dresses you're talking about. I'd love to see pictures of them. Especially the one she has her heart set on wearing. Good luck tomorrow. I hope she doesn't flip out on you!