Thursday, September 3, 2009

None Too Crazy About Lazytown

The last thing we bought from Iceland was the Sugarcubes featuring Bjork.  We tried it out for a while, but it just wasn't working out.  We ultimately had to return it.

Lazytown is what we bought with the store credit.

Conceptually, it isn't a bad show.  It features a little girl with pink hair and her puppet friends.  Cute enough, right.

There is also a sort of superhero guy who advises them to eat apples and vegetables and other healthy snacks.

The antagonist encourages them to eat junk food.

The antagonist sets traps for the little girl and her puppet friends.

The antagonist hides behind trees, dresses up in disguises and tries to capture them.

The antagonist is named Robbie Rotten.  It took me about a month to realize his name wasn't Johnny Rotten.  God Save The Queen.

What's even more frightening than some maniac hiding behind trees and luring children with promises of chocolate is the way he looks.  Sort of a cross between an evil clown and Ben Stiller.

I've sat through a couple of episodes with The Bean and The Butterfly (who absolutely love the show).  It's sort of like H.R. Puffinstuff  except with a possible child predator.

So I ask this, Iceland, is it too late to get Bjork back?


  1. I'm with you- it is creepy. My kids used to hate it because it scared them and now they love it. Go figure.

  2. My first exposure to Björk was in the late 80s, listening to The Sugarcubes on cassette, while hanging out at the home of a friend of a friend. The people I knew were in the other room or somewhere; I don't recall their presence. But, I distinctly recall making a copy of the song "Birthday." It was the oddest thing I'd ever heard from semi-maintsream music. I had to have it.

    Since then, the only thing Björk has done to impress me was "Dancer in the Dark." Again, odd, intrguing and evidence of her bizarre yet amazing talent, I thought. I rented the DVD and at the end of the movie, I had to play all the scenes with songs again. Strange music. I like it.

    I have happened upon my four-year-old watching Lazy Town once or twice. I'm with you on Robbie Rotten. Creepy.